Unlock 90 FPS Pubg Mobile 2.2 [ROOT | NO ROOT]

Enable 90 FPS in Pubg Mobile 2.2

How to Unlock 90 FPS Setting on PUBG Mobile | Extreme Frame Rate

So, finally guys, Pubg/BGMI 90 FPS Config file for Pubg and BGMI 2.2 is here. In this post, I am going to share latest config file for BGMI / PUBG 2.2 all Graphics unlock.

Pubg Mobile and Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India)  is finally out. It has Some Most Amazing and New features. So, We have to Bring a New Config File of 60 fps (Extreme) and 90fps for your Smartphone. This File File on All Version of PUBG Mobile. For example, Pubg Mobile, BGMI, Pubg KR.

with the Help of this Configuration File, You can Easily Enable the 90 fps Setting for Your Android or iOS Device. It is Working on PUBG Mobile v2.2 and BGMI 2.2 Update. This Config File is Tested on my Smartphone POCO X3 and it Works Perfectly. If You find any problem, then let us know in the Comment.

Unlock 90 fps PUBG Mobile Download

Here you find, how to Unlock 90fps In PUBG MOBILE 2.2 and PUBG MOBILE 2.2 90 fps Config File Download.

Recently Tencent Release PUBG MOBILE 2.2 Update. People are Unable to use 90fps on PUBG MOBILE. But If you follow our BLOG then you can able to get 90Fps On your Game. Just Follow our Article.

Why PUBG MOBILE 2.2 90 fps Config File New Method

Currently, Old Methods (.PAK File Method) Are not Working After PUBG MOBILE 2.2 Update Release. This method is called the ” FILE SWIPING ” Method. And it is 100% Safe and Anti Ban. You Can Use this file Without any tensions.

Enable 90 FPS in Pubg Mobile 2.2

90 fps in Pubg Mobile is available since season 17, and that update was 1.3. The 90 fps option is first available for OnePlus and Asus flagships phones. But as the game receives the update with the collaboration of the smartphone brands and the Pubg Mobile itself optimizes the game for the device and enables the 90 fps option for some major devices.

But, some devices that are capable to run the game a 90 fps and have good hardware specs are still troubling to provide the 90 fps graphic settings for the gamer. But fortunately, there is a way by which you can enable 90 fps in Pubg Mobile on any device.

Unlock 90 fps PUBG Mobile Magisk

Note: Unlock game graphic and fps such as PUBG MOBILE Not Working if You’re using MagiskHide Props. Or others similar Modules with it. Not Work for All Games, causing SafetyNet fail. Need Xposed module to fix or bypass SafetyNet. It may break some system Apps, such as Miui Camera, Package Installer and etc.

Yes, works on all ROMs and on all firmwares.

✓ INSTALLATION: Just flash via Magisk and reboot

Disclaimer: Naturally, you take all the responsibility for what happens to your device when you start messing around with things. I (Akira) will not be responsible for ANY damage caused to anyone’s devices due to the use of this module.

Can I Get Banned For Using This Config?

No! You cannot be banned for using this configuration to unlock 90 FPS on PUBG Mobile. This is because the feature is officially supported on tons of devices! So, if your device has a 90 Hz screen, you will be able to officially play the game at 90 FPS in a few weeks anyway. So, you don’t need to worry at all.

tutorial Unlock 90 FPS Pubg Mobile 2.2 Magisk module

How to enable PUBG Mobile 90 fps

Before you move on to the Device list, let’s check how you can enable 90 fps PUBG Mobile gameplay on your device.Open PUBG Mobile, click on the settings icon, tap on the graphics tab and Select the 90 fps option present under the frame rate settings.

Download Config Unlock 90 FPS All Graphics PUBG Mobile NO ROOT

Download unlock 90 FPS NO ROOT

Download Module Unlock 90 FPS  ROOT MAGISK

Download Module Magisk Root
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