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PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Code 2022

PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings code 2022; People who adjust the PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings best for their own control, you can increase your game performance even higher thanks to the in-game graphics and finger settings.

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings Code

PUBG Mobile game, which is at the top of the list of the most played and highly liked games worldwide, is in a very different position compared to other mobile games. By updating the sensitivity settings and sensitivity codes in PUBG Mobile, you can improve your aiming ability, and with it, you can play the game faster and have the chance to make decisions faster.

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You need to make PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings separately for both your mobile phone and PUBG Mobile Emulator. Because adjusting the sensitivity settings in the most appropriate way greatly increases the aiming ability. By using the settings here, you can bring the sight to the enemy as fast as possible and shoot before him and have the chance to win the game. That’s why we share with you the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings codes you need to move faster and more sensitive. Also , if you want to use PUBG Mobile UC Cheat , you can increase your gaming pleasure by visiting our related article.

what is sensitivity in pubg mobile?

sensitivity means your mobile phone touch sensitivity. (it decides How much length you need to swipe for an action)

it differs mobile to mobile and device width.

higher device width low sensitivity, lower size width device needed higher sensitivity.

by default pubg mobile sensitivity setting kept at medium.

higher sensitivity you have to swipe at once, low sensitivity need to swipe 2 times for same angle change.

PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings 2022 Here

Although the best sensitivity settings to be used in PUBG Mobile game differ for each person, we share with you the most preferred and optimal PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings in the main headings on the menu.

While sharing all the settings for camera sensitivity, firing animation sensitivity and gyro sensitivity in PUBG Mobile game, you can also find your own settings by changing them later to improve your gaming experience. We would also appreciate if you share it with us in the comments area at the bottom of the page you have changed and if you can give your opinion for other players.

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How to Adjust PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings latest ?

Some players can use 2 fingers + Full gyroscope, some players can use 3-5 fingers with Advertising + Gyroscope. But this is no problem, thanks to the settings we shared below, there are also standard settings where you can provide better recoil control, especially when using 3x or 6x scopes.

Using a gyroscope is generally the most preferred and highly recommended method to increase your recoil control. However, these sensitivity settings may not be suitable for players who do not turn on the gyroscope. The settings we will give below are generally recommended for 2 finger users, 3 fingers, 4 fingers or 5 fingers. As we mentioned before, it is best for you to determine the best settings for your gaming experience with the changes you will make through these settings. Let’s look at the details of the settings together.

PUBG Sensitivity Code Camera and Scope Sensitivity Settings

Players might have noticed that there is a significant change in PUBG New State sensitivity settings. The camera settings and ADS (Aim down Sight) settings have been merged. The scope settings will determine the movement of your camera whereas the Fire settings will help to decrease the recoil. Here is the best camera and scope sensitivity setting:

  • TPP Camera: 150-180%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 150-160%
  • FPP Camera: 170-185%
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 145-150%
  • Iron Sights: ADS- 90-100%
  • Fire: 90-100%
  • Red Dot and Viper: ADS-90-100%
  • Fire-90-100%
  • 2x Scope: ADS-95-100%
  • Fire-95-100%
  • 3x Scope: ADS-90-100%
  • Fire-90-100%
  • 4x Scope: ADS-100-105%
  • Fire-100-105%
  • 6x Scope: ADS-110-110%
  • Fire-100-110%
  • 8x Scope: ADS-100-110%
  • Fire-100-110%

PUBG Sensitivity Code Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings

Gyroscope works based on the in-built sensor of your phone. Players can move the screen as well as the scope just by tilting the screen, therefore, gyroscope is significant to control the recoil of your weapon. While keeping the best PUBG New State sensitivity settings, players should remember to set the correct gyroscope setting:

  • TPP Camera: 195-200%.
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 110-120%.
  • FPP Camera: 185-190%.
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 115-120%.
  • Iron Sights: 180-190%.
  • Red Dot and Viper: 90-100%.
  • 2x Scope: 95-100%.
  • 3x Scope: 80-90%.
  • 4x Scope: 75-80%.
  • 6x Scope: 35-40%.
  • 8x Scope: 20-25%.

Players can copy and keep the same sensitivity by applying this code: SEN-60ca36ae-a560-4fb0-9544-ceec1b2264f9

no Recoil Best Sensitivity Code For BGMI 2022

You must now copy the codes shown below and paste them into your BGMI account. Although you may select the optimum sensitivity settings that will make you feel more content, I do not advise you to replicate someone else’s scenes. Here are some of the sensitivity codes for several well-known streamers if you still wish to copy.

  • 6974-6421-0793-9028-995
  • 6974-6239-1907-3395-486
  • 6893-4240-2977-3338-186
  • 6974-6304-4130-0598-104
  • 6974-6310-2749-3831-196
  • 6937-0851-2238-2939-424

PUBG MOBILE No Recoil Sensitivity Code 2 Finger:

Several people use and search for the most acceptable 2-finger claw since they don’t want to utilize it and want to alter their gaming style if they use 2 fingers. Because the 2-finger claw is known for its jiggle technique, if you utilize it, you are good at delivering the best jiggle. You can play PUBG Mobile to the best of your ability with just two fingers, but you must have decent control layout settings. So I’ll give you the optimal 2 finger settings for PUBG Mobile right here.

Control Code: 7008-3761-0302-9971-809
Code of Sensitivity: 7008-3761-0302-9971-810
Camera Sensitivity with Zero Recoil (Free Look)
130 percent in the third person
120 percent camera
84 percent of first-person cameras

Zero Recoil 3rd Person No Camera Sensitivity:

No, the first person 103% of the total
TPP Objective: 120%
FPP Objective: 120%
Holographic, Red Dot Help with Aim: 60%
36% of the 2x Scope
27 percent, 3x Scope, Win94
Scope 4 times, VSS 17%
Scope for 6x: 14%
12 percent for 8x Scope

Best Sensitivity Code For PUBGM No Recoil:

You must concentrate on everything a professional player does to perform like one. One of the few things a professional player pays close attention to is the sensitivity setting. You’ve probably seen players strike targets from as far as 200 meters, which is accomplished by managing recoil. When using an assault weapon at a distance, using a gyroscope gives you an added edge, although it is still irrelevant if you choose not to. Transfer these sensitivity settings to your account, practice, and act as an expert.

Recoil in PUBGM is managed by camera sensitivity (Free look):

Character, Vehicle, Third Person Camera, 170 Percent
Character first-person camera: 85%
120 percent camera zoom when parachuting

Controlling recoil using camera sensitivity in BGMI:

No Scope in the Third Person – 160%
First Person No Scope: 133%
Aim Assist, Red Dot, and Holographic – 70%
73 percent of the 2x Scope
Win94, 3x Scope, and 27%
20 percent VSS, 4x Scope
10% of the 6x Scope
7 percent for 8x Scope

 Here is a step-by-step guide to using a sensitivity code in PUBG MOBILE :

  • Open Mobile MOBILE and head to the Settings menu.
  • In the settings, go to the sensitivity settings.
  • Tap on the ‘Layout Management’ option to use the sensitivity code.
  • In the layout management option, click on the ‘Search Method’ button.
  • Upon clicking on the search method, players will get the option to paste the sensitivity code.
  • Players can simply copy and paste the code into the box and tap on the preview.
  • It will display the name of the player whose sensitivity settings are being used in the sensitivity code.
  • Players will also see an increase or decrease in the different sensitivity settings values.
  • Click on OK to shift to the new sensitivity settings.

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