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pubg mobile Redeem Codes Today 22 December 2021

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes Today 22nd December 2021: The game provides many items in order to attract more players. items are such as skins, outfits, and more. however, items do not affect the gameplay. To buy items, Players will need to spend UC (This is money in PUBG). Redeem Code is a unique voucher that gives you an opportunity to get some exciting items for free on PUBG Mobile. You can win many premium items in PUBG Mobile Game like Outfit, Vehicle Skins, Gun Skins & UC. however, the items are paid not for free.

PUBG redeem code Today 22nd December 2021

Hey PUBG lovers, I know you have visited our blog to get PUBG redeem codes, and let me assure you that you have visited the correct source to get free BGMI redeem codes. We have a team of 5 members who work with full dedication to provide you with the redeem codes so that you can use them to buy your favorite in-game PUBG items.

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Friends, we know about the craze of PUBG in the Gaming industry. It has actually changed the way of seeing the mobile gaming industry. NOt only mobile gaming but PUBG/BGMI has also grabbed a special position in the PC gaming market too.

Its unique concept of the game has attracted many youths. In addition to the unique concept of the game, it allows its players to buy many in-game items. After getting involved in the PUBG game for some time, we start developing a sense of possessiveness towards that game character. As soon as our ranking in the game increases, we slowly enter the pro gamer category. And then automatically the thought of buying PUBG items strikes our mind.

PUBG game offers all types of in-game items to customize. Our favorite items like game outfits, vehicle skins, gun skins, parachute designs, masks, scarf lucky draw boxes, and many more are only available for paid. And if you are a student, then it becomes very difficult to purchase them

At this moment I want to say Why fear when our team Mrtechsonu team is here? Jokes apart, Okay to deal with this problem, our team works put lots of effort to get free PUBG redeem codes from various sources. We then update the new PUBG redeem code as soon as we get the genuine codes.

In this blog, we have also mentioned some sources that we personally use to obtain the free PUBG redeem code. We use these codes not just for PUBG but for many apps that are available on the playstore.

List of PUBG Redeem code Today 22 December 2021

Rewards Code
Motor Vehicle Skin 23RLB9R2LRL4
350 UC D6C5237G45
Pan with Golden Color 2EHH5ZQ99A
Scar L skin W97RQM86C8
Legendary Outfit 8RL62UYACC
UMP Gun Skin 975FFI94C2
Car Skin C2GXEP85BP
Parachute Skin SNE4YP2HKG
Assassin Bottom & Assassin Suit KSMWNG6UYB
Free 1300 Silver Fragments T4WD38NUIR
Backpack Skin 84KLMENVWS
Desert Ranger Set A23BB81BSM
Kar 98K Sniper Gun Skin CFVG7B3AYG
Set of Bumble Bee 8C53CHNNGC
Free 900 UC 3CYPWE69QN
Free Companion PNLF5VFNGG
Free Emoticons KK6NHWQ26Y
Free Room Cards 7683UBDDMM
Free Rename Card SY6MCKASYV
(Unknown) KHXL9WQ854
Falcon V4S7HSCU69
Motor Vehicle Skin KSWGENVBTJ
Free Fireworks HL8VMBPH4Z
Random Outfit CRQPK9LMJF
Racer Set (Gold) P4MPAA34J7
Stealth Brigade Set 8386D9PVWD
Desert Ranger Set 966HAR78CH
AK47 Gun Skin TD3LJ3TLUW
AKM Glacier Skin9(white) UBC5235KS2
Leo Set Legendary Outfit JR19VIQLEW
Racer Set (Gold) NDKJR4156D
Golden Pan QQCZT96865
Get Free Companion J6G7MA8SVQKB
Desert Ranger Set EEJSJV8A7T
Bumble Bee Set 3DB43BWN45
Unknown Gift CWLD2GCQJA
Free rename card MNLLMDSSB8
Pink Helmet UXYHV2JM7H
Desert Ranger Set 6GT8GHDE3Z
Free Andy Character ENTX77N1WP
Free Rename Card & Room Card 6E7P47JUD5
1000 UC (Only for Lucky users) BHTV85M2ZL
Random Gun Skins UDUSGJOO9F
Premium Car Skin (For 3 days) 8YPKJVJB4N
Free Emoticons JWEBTEE75S
M24 Gun Skin (For 5 days) RK24GTHLNC
1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity T5Y5WTE18P
SCAR-L Gun Skin 874W6ELY6M
Falcon (Latest) VD3FJBXM8R
Legendary Outfit BPBSGYBUVY
Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity BBRSPJRVHT
Kar98K Skin (For 3 Days) NCHKT3R4UA
Free Room Card RA74FBSUVT
Pistol Skins for 3 Days MQAU7GHUKG
Free Rename Card 16YHFBMNPF
Get 3 Motorcycle 2TZGUFS1ZQ
Rewards: Andy Character MVPTAKER
New AKM Glacier Skin Redeem Code SD14G84FCC
Flight Skins Redeem Code PACH776LAZ
Underground Crew Set HAPPINESS
M416 Orange Skin YNSD3GPHR9
8 Red Tea Popularity J6PLG096OL
Pink Combo Costume B9APSGT8IS
Free 400 UC N8KRPZ23CV
Bonus Gift LSW8TFC4F4
Duelist Set J5LZJKFW5D
Unknown Gift BYRFU22KVRL
Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity 3WJBP8DSTQ
Free Silver Fragments LP7D53VCTJ
Special Costume BVX93CKFPY7
KAR98 sniper skin V86LG6HN4T
Pistol Skin 2LS4FU5L8D
Unknown Gift 5ZN6Q4G6YV
Falcon Pet 2VV4SGA9A4
M31A4 new skin- M5T4X25VAC
AKM Glacier Skin BH7JDYQ6W9
Golden Pan 4KFVRDB4DZ
Unknown Gift GMXH8W9KGJ
Free Victor Character H09P7GU9R7
2 Red Tea Popularity NC3Z3YDYYA
Unknown Gift FJUJ4HUDZS
Two-Wheeler Skin for Free OAO1J498RC
PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity(free) 2XFLKHD5VY
Unknown Gift C5MV8YKF5C
Free PUBG Cannon Popularity MSEELXQSUD
Free PUBG Football LLMUYE9E4S
Stylish Shoes S9XYGW2QSX
Free MP5K Skin(3 Days) RJLA1Q8QIE
Free Room Card EQ1W564GNX
Free Carlo Character TP0NQABIVZ
New Design Helmet Skins T82V6W4YEK
Unknown Gift FEKCCY9UW6
Free Aeroplane skin 3WGXX9DYXA
CigaretteSTV’s Shirt Free XRHJLOLQ7Q
Free Just9n’s Jacket IIYAJRZRQ1
Bonus Codes RDHAJL85T2
Bonus Codes CKH9AEPBDI
Digital Camo Jacket O5ZZ7FOPTZ
Pirate Captain Outfit P7XR9X6U8R
Snake Skin Sneakers 5UETEUECQ8

How to use the redeem code in PUBG Mobile

There are some steps that have been provided below regarding how to use the redeem codes in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: First of all, Open PUBG Mobile and go to the event section.

Step 2: Here, you will select “Lucky Bunny Gashapon.”

Step 3: Then, press the redeem button. A dialogue box will be shown in front of you, you will be prompted to confirm the details that you have entered.

Step 4: When you verify all the details, click on the OK button to confirm.

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