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PUBG Mobile Korean 1.8 APK+OBB Download for Android

Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8 Pubg Kr Apk + Obb Download Link

PUBG Mobile KR is one of the alternative versions of the renowned battle royale game, Update Pubg kr. It is made explicitly for users from the Korean and Japanese regions and is published by PUBG Corporation.In this article, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to download the KR version of PUBG Mobile.

Download Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8.0

Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8 How to download: PUBG Mobile Kr version has received a 1.8 update. The Korean version of PUBG Mobile is one of the more popular versions in India, however, it is only designed for Korea and Japan countries players. The updates for this version are not necessarily for the global version, but if you are looking to download the 1.8 update externally, you can, via APK links.

PUBG Mobile Korean 1.8 APK+OBB Download for Android

Features of the Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8 update are the same as that of the global version of PUBG Mobile. However, it has some extra events and rewards to offer to the players as compared to that of PUBG Mobile. Additionally, you can update the game multiple times. The Korean version of PUBG Mobile is most played in India nowadays. Since the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, streamers, and players are moving their way to Pubg Mobile Kr Version 1.8.

Some New Changes Of Pubg Mobile kr Version 1.8 Update

Shaking lobby
Change of Ui ( Settings, Events, Maps & Mission)
New Modes ( Aftermath, Spider-Man & Jujutsu kaisen)
New Collect Animation Added
New Cycle Rewards As Cycle 2 Season 4
New 8vs8 Tdm Map ( Santorini)

Matro Royal Mode Back Again

New Companion ( Cathy)
Lobby Robot First Skins

Details Of Version 1.8 New Features

1:- Shaking lobby Into next update pubg mobile introduce a new type of lobby that shake like gyro As soon as you bring your mobile same way shake your lobby.

2:- Change Of Ui After a long time pubg mobile again change his Ui in this ui you can see lots of changes like setting ui fully changed, Maps Selection ui fully change and also event, mission, royal ui change. You can see all changes in bellow images.

3:- New Modes Pubg Mobile introduce three new modes in version 1.8 Update all modes name and details mantion bellow.
Aftermath Mode:- This mode is introduce in Livik map after a 10 years of bombard livik map fully destroy and a brand-new volcano added into livik map.

New Spider-Man Mode:- Pubg Mobile and Bgmi Collab with Spider-Man No Way Home movie and for its promotion added a new mode in Erangel map there you can see a fight of Spider-Man and villains after the fight end you get a lots of loots and lots of new material that you can use in game.

New Jujutsu kaisen Mode:- Pubg Mobile and Bgmi also Collab with jujutsu kaisen comic and for its promotion pubv mobile added all 4 character into the games like Arcane collaboration.

4:-New Collect Animation Added a new collect animation after the new update that you can see that animation is too cool.

Downloading Links Of Pubg Mobile Kr 1.8.0  32bit Version

Download Pubg Kr 1.8 32bit apk 

Download Pubg Kr 1.8 32bit obb 

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