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PUBG Mobile GLOBAL 1.8 update APK 32bit download link for Android

PUBG Mobile 1.8 GLOBAL Update APK OBB File Download

The PUBG Mobile 1.8 update is now live, but if you are not able to download the update via the Play Store, we’ve got you covered! In this article, you will find PUBG Mobile 1.8 update APK and OBB download links for all Android devices.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 GLOBAL update APK for Android

The latest PUBG Mobile 1.8 APK is now available to download for Android devices. The global version was just deployed by Tencent, and should be rolling out to everyone over the next 1-2 days. For those waiting around, this new update brings an unranked classic mode experience called AfterMath and for comic book fans, there is a new Spider-Man: No Way Home collaboration related content in the game.

PUBG Mobile 1.8: New Features

Here is a list of all the new features for PUBG Mobile 1.8 coming to the game this season. Please note, there will be no server downtime for the deployment of this patch. Please ensure that you update the game in a suitable network environment and have enough space on your phone.

Update Reward:

Update the game from January 12-18 (UTC +0) to get
3000 BP
100 AG
Aureate Assassin Helmet (3d) ×1

Updated Content:


New Classic Mode Map

Go to Unranked – Classic Mode and select AfterMath to enter.


Bombs and volcanic eruptions have transformed the terrain of the small island of Livik. Many years later, the survivors intensify their training in order to face new threats in the future.

– With the advancement of science and technology, all firearms have been modified to have an AC Core Module, which makes them easier to aim and control. At the same time, the new scope makes it easier to aim with the crosshair. We hope these changes will make shooting fun at all times in the game.

– Reduced the size of the urban area & the density of the Playzone in the new map to make it easier to discover enemies.

– Characters are equipped with Tactical Glasses by default, which shows players the damage dealt by firearms.

– Added a new interactive zipline to make it easier to move to the next Playzone.

– Added a recall system that gives all players 1 chance to return to the battlefield. Find the Recall Tower and recall your teammates!

Mode Selection Improvements

Separation of Unranked and Ranked Modes (BETA)

To provide our many players with a diverse range of gaming experiences, we have separated unranked and ranked modes, and updated the mode entrances to simplify the displayed content, improve controls, and make them more intuitive and convenient. Come and play a match with your friends now!

Feature Improvements: Removed the Drop Tactics feature. Classic Mode no longer supports multiple selections.

Location Improvements: Removed Mode Records and only retained the mode location. Enhanced visual performance.

Screen Improvements: Updated the mode selection screen to simplify its content, improve controls, make the screen more concise, and make controls more convenient.

Classic Mode Improvements

New Supply Shop

Added a Supply Shop. Pick up currency from all over the battlefield, search for the shop on the battlefield, and purchase supplies and tactical items in the shop to arm yourself and win the final victory!

Basic Mechanics Improvements

– Added a feature that allows players to continue swimming in a near-death state, but their swimming speed will be reduced.

– Added the Hit Marker feature: After this is enabled, whenever a player or a teammate hits an enemy, a marker is automatically generated where they are hit.

– Added a map marker feature that can be used during the jump phase. When this is enabled, tapping the map during the jump phase will place a mark there directly and make a pillar of light appear at the location.

– Added an auto-jump feature. After this is enabled, players will automatically jump in the direction of a marker that has been placed on the map.

Firearm Balancing

– MG3: Modified the default shooting mode to 660 RPM; Recoil: +10%.

– M16A4: Added a tracer effect to bullets; Recoil: -10%.

– MK47: Added a tracer effect to bullets; Recoil: -10%.

Firearm Mechanism Adjustment

– Fixed an issue that caused a random deviation in the firearm shooting direction and center of the crosshair, and an issue that caused a slight difference in the scattering value of firearms, when shooting without scoping in under different screen resolutions.

Returning Modes

– Metro Royale: Reunion will be back for a limited time from January 24, 02:00 (UTC +0). Adjusted the entry criteria to Lv. 10. Players must link to a social network account to enter Metro Royale.

– Payload 2.0 will be back from January 26, 02:00 (UTC +0) and will remain available.

React Survival to be shut down

We will shut down React Survival mode at 23:59 (UTC +0) on January 10, 2022.

Event Center Updates:

– Moved activity events to the Event Center!

– Updated the Event Center screen to display events with better visual performance!


Merged the Lobby BGM with the Music Box. Players can now freely set the Lobby BGM!

– Migrated the original BGM content to PUBG MOBILE MUSIC.

– The music in PUBG MOBILE MUSIC can also be played in the main lobby.

IP Themed Game Modes


From January 12, 02:00 (UTC +0) to February 14, 23:59 (UTC +0), toggle on the themed mode when selecting Classic Mode, and set the map to Erangel – Spider-Man™

From January 15, 02:00 (UTC +0) to February 14, 23:59 (UTC +0), toggle on the themed mode when selecting Classic Mode, and set the map to Livik – Spider-Man™


Spider-Man has encountered mysterious monsters after arriving at Erangel. Fight alongside Spider-Man and defeat the boss to get advanced supplies, the new Web Shooter and Spiderweb Ball, to try out Spider-Man’s abilities. Find Spider Crates on Erangel and open them to get basic supplies, as well as a chance to get Spider-Man items.

– Challenge the Boss: Find Mylta Power and fight alongside Spider-Man!

– Web Shooter: Players will be able to shoot spider webs after getting the Web Shooter. Spider webs slow down players they hit.

– Spiderweb Ball: When the Spiderweb Ball is thrown at the ground, it releases many spiderwebs in an area that slows the movement of other players moving through it.

New Season

New Cycle Season: CYCLE 2 SEASON 4:

From January 18, 02:00 (UTC +0) to March 21, 23:59 (UTC +0).

– New Season Rewards: Upgraded rewards to make them Legendary quality and added a new set of resources: C2S4 Glasses, C2S4 Set, CS24 Parachute, C2S4 – MK14, C2S4 Mask, C2S4 Cover.

– CYCLE Memories: New Jujutsu Kaisen-themed story missions. Collect Sukuna Fingers to unlock commemorative titles.

– CYCLE Rewards: New Cycle Season rewards. Collect the Diamond/Crown/Ace Badges in the same CYCLE to get high-quality supplies for free.

– More Challenge Points are gained from matches and can be obtained through other ways to rank up faster.

– We have added team range restrictions in ranked Classic Mode. Players from Bronze tier to Platinum tier can team up with each other. Players who are at Diamond tier or higher can only team up with players within 2 major tiers of themselves.

– Added a point synchronization system that synchronizes the rating points of players at the Diamond tier or lower, increasing their rating points in other modes to match their highest tier mode.

New RP

Royale Pass Month 7: Royale Guard

From January 18, 02:00 (UTC +0) to February 17, 23:59 (UTC +0).

– Come and get the Desert Warrior Set! The themed M16A4, DP28, UZI, and 2-Seat Motorcycle finishes are now available!

– New system to lighten the load on players: Players will have a point limit that increases every week, and there will also be more missions for players to complete.

– Removed RP game time: Removed separate RP game time requirements and merged the points that were given out as rewards to new challenge missions.

– ELITE mission rewards and friend bonus mission rewards do not use up the point limit.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.8 APK + OBB Data

PUBG Mobile Update 1.8 APK is now available for download from the link we have for you right here. However, before you get to downloading, make sure that you have about 710 MB – 1 GB of free space left.

Note: The final PUBG Mobile 1.8 APK is now yet available to all the regions. Please wait for the full roll out, and check back later for the APK file download link.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 GLOBAL 32 Bit apk


PUBG Mobile 1.8 GLOBAL 32 Bit obb


So, what are you waiting for? Download the update right now and enjoy the new AfterMath mode and the Spider-Man: No Way Home collaboration modes in PUBG Mobile 1.8.

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