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PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update: release date and details

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update: Mode, weapons, and everything new coming

Update PUBG Mobile 2.5 : Mode, weapons, and everything new coming

New In-Game Content

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Players will be able to experience a new season of PUBG Mobile with the upcoming Season 2.5 update. This update promises to bring some exciting new in-game content including new weapons, new skins, and a range of other customization items.

Leaked Rewards

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks: New PUBG Mobile POWER4 Band series coming soon, CHECK DETAILS- PUBG Mobile revealed new skins of their virtual rock band named Power 4. The band has already dropped multiple songs in the game. The songs can be heard only in the PUBG Mobile game! The New PUBG Mobile POWER4 Band series is set to release very soon in-game. Also, stay tuned for a new theme song by POWER4BAND. Check out the details below. For future updates on PUBG Mobile,
Data miners have discovered some leaked rewards for the upcoming Season 2.5 update. These rewards include:

    • Legendary Outfit: The new Legendary Outfit will feature a purple and black color scheme and camouflage pattern.
    • Epic Gun Skin: Players will be able to acquire the new Epic Gun Skin which features a neon blue color scheme.
    • Emotes: There will be several new emotes added to the game with this update.
    • In-Game Currency: Players will also receive some in-game currency which can be used to purchase items in-game.

Other Features

In addition to the leaked rewards, the new update will also bring some other exciting features to the game. These features include:

    • Voice Chat: Players will now be able to communicate with each other using the new voice chat feature.
    • Survey System: Players will be able to take surveys in-game to provide feedback about the game.
    • Seasonal Missions: Players will be able to complete new seasonal missions to earn rewards.
    • Performance Improvements: The game will see performance improvements with the new update, ensuring smoother gameplay.

Release Date

The new PUBG Mobile Season 2.5 update is expected to be released on January 15th. All of the leaked rewards and features mentioned above should be available when the update is live. So keep an eye out for this update and get ready to experience the new season of PUBG Mobile!

Here is the list of the leaked rewards of the Month 20 Royale Pass

RP 1: Bunny Uniform Set and Gilded Dragon Bone – Mosin-Nagant
RP 5: Bunny Uniform Cover and Mission Card
RP 10: Mousy Knockout Backpack and 500 BP
RP 15: Jolly Momente emote, RP Avatar (M20), and Stone Figure Ornament
RP 20: Cyber Detective Parachute and Gilded Tower Stun Grenade
RP 23: Football Fever Cover
RP 25: Football Fever Set and RP Badge (M20)
RP 30: Rash Shark Buggy and one emote (animation not revealed yet)
RP 35: Cosmic Ruin – UMP45
RP 40: Telescopic Fist – DBS
RP 50: Special sets

For now, Players can explore the new theme mode named Martial Arts mode (Martial Arts Arena) and gamers can also expect the return of the Spiderman Web shooter. A new vehicle and a Grapple hook are also on the list of probable introductions. Furthermore, a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Bruce Lee would take place during the same version.

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