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PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update Release Date Features New Maps

PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update: Check everything about map enhancements, weapon updates

Tencent and Krafton have been relatively consistent while pushing updates for PUBG Mobile. Players witness the rollout of new content with minor updates every now and then, while game officials push a new patch every two months for each PUBG Mobile server.

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2022 started with the launch of 1.8 in January, while developers rolled out the last patch update, 2.2, in September. Therefore, the forthcoming main update for PUBG Mobile, i.e., the 2.3 version, will be the final patch release of 2022 and will launch in November.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update: New Features

Lionel Messi is coming in the game

“Hey there, Fellow PUBG Mobile players. Are you ready to experience the new update? Gear Up and join me right now. Enjoy the game. “


To celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2022, Level Infinite brings a new Football theme to the game. A new update always allows exploring tons of fresh content while players wait for the same for weeks. With the new update going in a few weeks, Level Infinite introduces a new beta version to test out new content that would arrive in-game. The update will bring a new collab with Lionel Messi, and more for Football World Cup 2022.

New Aftermath content

The game’s popular Aftermath map will also receive new optimizations and additions via the upcoming 2.3 patch. The revamped version of the map, Aftermath 2.0, will have the following highlights in terms of features and changes:

Upgrades to armor and firearmsIntroduction of new energy and gameplay mechanicsNew optimizations to consumablesAddition of new bunkersTreasure MapsSemi Truck as a new vehicleAvailability of Medicine CabinetNew Guard PostsIntroduction of Recall TowersShop RecallAddition of new weather effects in Livik to enhance the visual experience
Besides the Aftermath, Classic Erangel will also receive some adjustments regarding stages and mechanics. Readers will be able to learn more about the upcoming through future announcements.

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