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NO Recoil Config PUBG MOBILE 1.9 Global Korean Safe 100%

Best Config Config File for PUBG 1.9 No Recoil Config file update 64bit and 32Bit 100% Anti-ban that works when you download BGMI No Recoil Config file Update and works also in Pubg.

PUBG 1.9 No Recoil Config File 32bit & 64 bit

If you are looking for PUBG 1.9 No Recoil, White Body Config file, you can download it right here for free. We’ve updated the file for March 2022 global version .

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The PUBG No recoil config file work in both pubg 1.9 allows you to increase the overall AIM accuracy of every weapon in the game including the AKM, SKS, M416, AWM. Sometimes equipping your favorite gun might not provide you with the accuracy you wanted. This can be due to lag or heat of the device, developer nerfs, or you just having a bad day.

PUBG 1.9 No recoil Info

Hey there, I am going to share with you PUBG 1.9 No recoil only 32bit Working in PUBG 1.9 fully updated No recoil Config file everything all ok every all Android device working, what is meant problem only Android device root mobile working this PUBG and Pubg 1.9 No recoil easily download just one click and use all BGMI lover everything all ok and easy to apply.

BGMI 1.9 No Recoil OBB File 32bit & 64 bit Download

If there is no other recoil Config file or the app is logging, PUBG 1.9 will only download the no recoil Config file. You can also download the Pubg file for season 1.9. so that you can get more features in this Config file.

Applying Process

I hope you guys understand the applying process. If you’re a file user, then you already know about it. Remember one thing, this file is non protected. Means that there is no password on this file.

You just click on the file and extract it without any password. This file is only work in some android devices. You can try this file, maybe this config work in your phone.

This latest PUBG 1.9.0 update is really cool and enjoyable. Cheer park structure is totally changed into fun land. I hope this 1.9 no recoil file is helpful for you.

1.9 No Recoil File for PUBG

Is it Anti-Ban?

In every update, PUBG Ban-pan security also updated. But this file in totally anti-ban file for everyone. You can apply this file on your main account or ID.

But caution is needed, so do not use 6x scope on AKM or barrel. Because if you kill enemy in your gameplay, may he spectate you and see how you can use AKM with 6x. So if your enemy report your account then your account got banned.

If you’re sure about you can not use any file or hack in your game but your PUBG account got banned then must read about How to Unban any PUBG Account. I hope this article is also helpful for you.

Fix No Recoil App


Download No Recoil File for PUBG global 32bit


Download No Recoil File for PUBG global 64bit


Download No Recoil File for PUBG Korean 32bit


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