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How to unban PUBG Mobile account 2022

How To Unban PUBG Mobile Account And Start Scoring Chicken Dinners Again?

At the end of every year, news of millions of PUBG Mobile accounts getting banned always stirs the hornet’s nest. As it stands, players who used unfair means, mods, and hacks to win the game are slapped with a “PUBG account banned for 3650 days“.

To date, notices of “violation of user agreement PUBG Mobile ban” or “your account will be banned for violating regulations PUBG Mobile” are dealt out to players using 3rd party hacks to get by in the game. Some of these hacks give a minor performance boost while others alter the gameplay settings. The commonly routed violations are the use of X-Ray Vision, Auto-Aim hacks and Player Speed hacks.

These 3rd party hacks go against the fair policy of the game. Some accounts got suspended while the more serious offenses undergo a period ban of 10-100 years.

unban PUBG Mobile account?

Take that, cheaters! Although it’s worth noting that hacks have been found to be scattered at all levels of the game. They range from basic Bronze to top tier Diamonds.

However, if you’re one of those unlucky few who got banned from the game for no reason whatsoever, or so you think, keep reading. We’ve put together a list of possible problems and solutions that could help unban the PUBG Mobile account.

What is a PUBG Account Ban and how to Unban PUBG Mobile Account?

PUBG is definitely one of the most popular video game platforms. Everyone, at least for once, thought about playing it. And if it gets ban that headache to Unban PUBG Mobile Account. That means many people are already playing this one, including the cheaters. The cheats or hackers might use some tools or hacks to have an unfair advantage over others. These actions are continuously monitored by Tencent Mobiles (The developers of PUBG) using their Anti-Cheat technology to monitor all illicit activities.

What is a PUBG Account Ban and how to Unban PUBG Mobile Account?

The cheats might use an aim-bot which is a tool that helps in a perfect headshot aim or using a Wall Hack that can allow players to see beyond the wall. And there are many more tools that can help cheats score the chicken dinner quickly, but PUBG can easily catch these cheats, or if any player from the opponent team reports the player for suspicious activity. So the best advice we can give you is ‘Don’t Cheat Again’. Cheating is easy, but it won’t last long.

Please read Tencent Game’s policy page, where you will find many things stated against the act. PUBG generally bans the gamers that use illicit software and some more to cheat on a game. If you have done this one, that may go unnoticed. But if you are doing this for a while now, they can ban you right away.

If it’s not your fault that you got banned, you can do something against that. But here are some of the most common reasons why PUBG bans certain players. And once you get to know about the reason you will be able to Unban PUBG Mobile Account easily.

How to unban PUBG Mobile account?

There is no hard and fast defined rule to the question of how do I unban an account on PUBG Mobile? But yes, getting unbanned from PUBG is possible, although the same PUBG Mobile unban hack cannot work for everyone.

Reasons Why Your PUBG Account May Get Banned and how to Unban PUBG Mobile Account

To start with let us understand the type of ban on PUBG Mobile account is temporary or permanent.

If the ban is temporary, as all players know that it will get unbanned within a couple of days. One needs to wait patiently for the ban period to be over. It is pretty simple.

The other type of PUBG ban is permanent. It is slapped if the devs catch the payers resorting to Cheating, Toxicity, Offensive nicknames to name a few. If you are at the receiving end, it may be difficult to get unbanned from PUBG. The permanent PUBG account ban is for 10 years or 3650 days.

The official statement from PUBG Mobile support makes it clear how they approach the whole idea of banning hackers and cheaters. Although there is a method to approach customer service to help unban the PUBG Mobile account. This is applicable only in those cases that have been wrongly banned. There are 3 different ways, depending on the type of ban, a player can appeal for unban PUBG Mobile.

Unban PUBG Mobile Account Appeal Through Support Ticket

In case if the ban is permanent then you need to get in touch with the PUBG support website. Submit a ticket on the official PUBG Support ticket creation page after selecting the platform. Before raising a ticket, collect all the necessary shreds of evidence. Upload them along with the justification for “PUBG mobile banned for no reason” in the Description box.

One can also send an email to ‘’ explaining your side of the story. Do not forget to include character ID and account name.

How to contact PUBG Mobile support

Here is how to send an appeal to the customer support team of PUBG to recover and unban PUBG mobile account.

  • Open PUBG mobile, and if you are banned, the above-shown notification will appear immediately
  • Here you will find two options, File Claim, and Terms of Use
  • Click on Terms of Use to check the reasons for banning
  • To unban PUBG mobile account, click on File Claim
  • Then appeal with your reasons why the banning is not appropriate in your case.
  • You should now be aware of how to unban a PUBG account. However, there is still more work to be done.

The reviewers will review your option and will get back to you if needed. There is another way to get back your banned account by sending a simple email and you will be able to Unban PUBG Mobile Account.

  • Go to your Gmail and click on Compose mail
  • Type in the in the sender address field
  • Draft your email with a proper and appropriate subject line
  • Then explain why you are not the right person to get banned and they should Unban PUBG Mobile Account.
  • Don’t forget to mention your character ID and account name in the body of email
  • Then recheck the email once again and hit the send button

Then the review team will check your application and get back to you if you are not guilty. But if you are already busted, then forget about your PUBG account. And it is better to create a new account and follow the guidelines properly this time.

“File Claim” to unban PUBG Mobile Account

The devs have provided a feature when the PUBG Mobile account has been wrongly banned. It is the feature to file a claim. On the Notice being served, there is an option of “File Claim” on the left side. This is an appeal to Karfton/Tencent to get the PUBG account restored. If you have been wrongly judged when it comes to the violation of any terms and not using third-party apps to enhance gaming skills, this option can be exercised.
Unban PUBG Mobile Account Appeal via BattlEye

You can draft a well-written (inclusive of all details) e-mail to or fill a simple contact form here.
PUBG Mobile Account Unban Appeal Via In-Game

Head to the Customer Service option available in-game which leads to messaging service with support staff. Keep your arguments ready before hitting the message option.

Once all the details have been shared, the arguments will be cross verified by the support technical team and you will be notified of their decision.

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