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How To Get Invitation Code Pubg Mobile Beta 2.1

How to Get Invitation Code for PUBG Mobile Beta Test Server

Beta PUBG Mobile invitation code generator

Hey Pubg Lovers, In this article I’ll guide you, how you can find or get an Invitation Code for Beta Pubg Mobile?

Earlier beta Pubg Mobile was accessible to all but now you need an invitation code to log in to beta-version. This is not easy to get the beta version for everyone but In this post, I will tell you everything about Beta Pubg Mobile Invitation code.

This is how you can get the invitation code for PUBG Mobile beta test server. Tencent Games have already released its new beta version, named as PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta, for everyone to try out. It has a a lot of new updates and features which players might be curious about and want to see what they are all about, themselves. There is no registration limit for the beta version, it is accessible to everyone. However, you might want to generate your own invitation code to access the game on the official beta test server.

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The invitation code will bind your main PUBG Mobile account, with the beta testing account. This is being done to avoid players from hacking or exploiting the game — and also to make sure your correct account gets the limited-time exclusive rewards for testing out new game features and providing back feedback to the developers. Right after the jump, we have listed down all the steps you need to follow to access the PUBG beta code generator and enjoy the new update beforehand.

What Is PUBG Beta Invitation Code?

PUBG Mobile Beta Invitation Code is a 10 digit secret code offered by the game for limited users (20,000) to test all the new upcoming features before it is released for all the users.

What Are The Requirements Of Invitation Code For PUBG Beta?

Requirements are straight forward and any player can easily fulfil the requirements. The requirements to get Invitation Code PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta are:

  • Play any mode for last 5 days
  • Account level must be 15+
  • Account must be 1 week old
  • Spend 1-2hr in the game

How To Get PUBG Beta Invitation Code For v2.1?

Follow the below steps to get PUBG Beta Invitation Code for v2.0. In case of any error, try connecting with a VPN.

  • 1: Login to the game > Go to events
  • 2: Navigate to Recommended > Beta Test Invitation > Tap on Get It banner
  • 3: In the Binding Code section tap on Generate Code
  • 4: Copy the latest PUBG Beta Invitation Code 2022
  • 5: Download PUBG Test Server Beta Version

Download PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta update 64bit+32bit

Note: Do not share your exclusive link code with anyone else. Your official server account will be penalized for any violation and cheats made on the test server

How To Use PUBG Mobile Beta Invitation Code v2.1?

Follow the below steps to use PUBG Mobile Beta Invitation Code v2.1. In case of any error, try connecting with a VPN.

  • Step 1: Download PUBG Mobile Beta > Login as Guest
  • Step 2: Paste the 10 digit Invitation Code (under, You must enter the Invitation Code to enter the game)
  • Step 3: Click Ok > Continue
  • Step 4: The Beta Test will be activated for you

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