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HOW TO Enable 2FA In Fortnite 2023 ?

Every Fortnite player could use additional security. Thanks to Epic Games enabling Fortnite two factor authentication you can enjoy added security in Fortnite Battle Royale today! We know what you’re

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thinking, how can I get two factor authentication 2fa in Fortnite? That’s where we come in! Continue reading to learn how to get two factor authentication 2fa in Fortnite Battle Royale.

How To Enable 2fa in Fortnite Battle Royale

If you’re looking to enable 2fa you’re in luck, because Epic Games has made the process to enable 2fa easy and accessible to all Fortnite Battle Royale players!

Password and Security Tab

To enable 2fa on your Fortnite account follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to your Epic Games account page and select the Password and Security tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Tick the box beside your preferred method for 2fa.
  3. Verify 2fa by entering the 2fa security code provided to your preferred method of 2fa.

If you couldn’t verify your 2fa you should consider trying a different method to enable 2fa.

If you’re happy with your 2fa. being enabled you can go ahead and hop into some other Fortnite articles like the Best Weapons in Fortnite or Best Ways To Win Fortnite! Alternatively, you can continue reading to learn more about 2fa.

How To Enable Authenticator App for Fortnite 2fa

When it comes to email and SMS authentication methods, you probably already know the drill. Simply input the code sent to your email or phone and you’re off to the races.

However, authenticator apps for 2fa Fortnite are a whole new beast. Which is why we thought it’s important to include a unique how to for authenticator apps.

If you’re not using an authenticator app you can feel free to move onto a related article like How To Change Server Location.

Here is how to enable 2fa Fortnite With an Authenticator App

  1. Install your preferred 2fa Fortnite app from your devices app store. We recommend Google Authenticator.
  2. Scan the QR code in your authenticator app provided on Epic Games’ website after checking the Third Party Authenticator App switch.
  3. Input the authentication code in your authentication app into Epic Games’ website.

If you followed the above steps correctly you will have 2fa linked between your authentication app and your Epic Games account.

Enable 2fa Epic Games

Now when you need to input your 2fa code you can simply open your 2fa app and there will always be code ready to be inputted into your Epic Games account.

Why is Two Factor Authentication Important?

Two factor authentication is important because it adds an extra layer of security to your Fortnite account. If someone tries to hack into your account when you have two factor authentication enabled they would need access to at least two of your devices.

Conversely, without two factor authentication someone can gain access to your account with only your Epic Games account login information. Therefore, 2fa adds an important layer of defense to your Epic Games account security.

This added layer of account security is especially important if you have any payment information stored on your Epic Games account. Two factor authentication will help to protect someone from gaining access to your payment details, which can have serious financial repercussions.

What Are the 2fa Authentication Method Options for Fortnite?

Epic Games has provided three two factor authentication options for gamers to choose from.

Here are the three options for 2fa in Fortnite:

  1. Email authentication method
  2. SMS authentication method
  3. Third party authenticator app

Epic Games allows players to choose which of the three authentication methods is preferable.

2fa Authentication Methods

If you aren’t sure what you’re preferred method is you can read on to get a short breakdown of how each works.

Email Authentication Breakdown

The first 2fa method you may consider is to enable email authentication. Email authentication works by sending an email with your 2fa security code to the email address linked to your Epic Games account.

SMS Authentication Breakdown

SMS authentication works similar to email, but with an SMS text message. When you’re signing in to your Epic Games account they will send you an SMS message to your phone number associated with 2fa.

Where the SMS authentication method shows weakness is if you travel. If you find yourself swapping SIM cards and phone numbers regularly, you may find it difficult to consistently have access to your mobile number that is associated with your Fortnite 2fa.

Third Party Authenticator App Breakdown

A third party authenticator app is an application you can install on your phone that provides 2fa security codes to all your accounts in one spot. Epic Games supports multiple third party authenticator apps, out preferred app is Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator Screenshot from

The Google Authenticator app has a reputable brand name behind it that you know you can trust. Plus, the application works flawlessly.

We should note the Google Authenticator app isn’t you’re only options for a decent authenticator app. Epic Games also suggests the Microsoft Authenticator App and the LastPass Authenticator App.

All of the authenticator apps mentioned in this section are available in your mobile device app store.

Is Two Factor Authentication Necessary in Fortnite?

If all you want to do is log in and rip some games of Fortnite Battle Royale, your Epic Games account does not require two factor authentication. However, there are certain parts of the Fortnite game that require players to enable 2fa.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy every aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale two factor authentication is necessary, but if you’re happy to give up certain unessential features of Fortnite, you can forgo enabling two factor authentication.

What Requires Two Factor Authentication in Fortnite

There are a handful of features in Fortnite Battle Royale which require 2fa for gamers to enjoy.

Here are the features that require 2fa in Fortnite Battle Royale:

If you’re interested in engaging in any of the above features you should consider enabling 2fa in Fortnite. If you don’t want to engage in any of the above features, 2fa isn’t necessary for you, but the added security is enough incentive for us to recommend you enable 2fa anyways!

Now that you can rest easy knowing no one is going to sign into your Epic Games account you can feel confident adding your payment details and getting to purchasing some awesome Fortnite skins! Don’t know where to start looking? We recommend checking out the Best Space Astronaut Skins or the Best Animal Skins.


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