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How to change PUBG server before 60 days 2022

At whatever point there is a conversation going about games in the market PUBG is clearly referenced. The game from the dispatch to date has never neglected to give the best insight to its clients around the world. So here you will be able to change the server in PUBG Mobile before 60 days.

The engineers make an honest effort in thinking of phenomenal updates making the game more intriguing than previously. As new seasons continue coming there are new things accumulating now and again.
With the PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royal Pass the developers bring a new restriction on server change. Actually, the players have a choice to change their servers without any problems. However, the developers introduced a new rule with that the players can’t change their servers for 60 days once they choose.
The players get a in-game notice once they opened the PUBG Mobile game. In that notice they clearly mentioned it “if you want to change your server, please go to the settings page”. Once the players click on OK button then a pop-up will appear in that the players can select the server as their wish. After that the players can’t change their server upto 60 days.
But, the players can shift one server to another server within 1 minute without wait for 60 days period. In this article we provide complete guide on how to change from server to another server easily in the game.
For doing this trick the player need room cards, if they have more number of cards that much times they have a chance to change their servers.

How to Change Server in PUBG Mobile Before 60 Days – Working Trick

The server change trick method mentioned in this section currently works on every PUBG mobile version like Korean, Global, India, etc.
To change your server in the game, you will just require a friend who is playing in the server you want to join for and your tier rating must be greater than the bronze 3 tier rating.
Like currently my server is assigned to the Middle East and I will show you how I changed my server from the Middle East to Asia with complete proof.
You can follow the same steps mentioned in this section to bypass your server whenever you want. Just make sure that you have a friend who is playing on the server you want to join.
So let’s see how you can change your server in PUBG mobile even without waiting 60 days.
Follow the below steps carefully to bypass your server in PUBG mobile:-
Step 1 Open the game and wait until you get loaded in the lobby. Once you are in the lobby, ask your friend to send you a team joining invitation.
Step 2  Accept the invitation and join in your friend’s lobby. Now tell your friend to give you the leadership of the lobby. Now tap on the Brothers in Arm option located in the upper left corner.
Step 3 In the Brother in Arms section, tap on the Find a Veteran button, and then invite the veterans if available. Tap on the Refresh button if no veterans are available during that time.
If you cannot find any veterans then just untick all the options available in the Preference section and then tap on the Refresh button. Also, check your Brother in Arm match-making settings. Just see that the server is set to your desired server. In my case, it must be set to Asia server in the match-making.
Step 4 Once you find a veteran, just keep on inviting him or her by tapping on the Invite button. This is one of the important steps in this process and the veteran needs to accept your invitation, to execute this trick correctly.
Step 5  Once the veteran accepts your invitation and joins in your lobby, immediately start the match. You can play the whole match or can exit the match after landing at a place.
Step 6  Now just see your server in the settings. It will automatically get changed to the server you want to join for. In my case, it gets changed to Asia from the Middle East server.
This trick is still working and you can easily apply these steps which can help you to change your server immediately.
Do note that these steps are from a trick that helps players to change their server in the game. If the developer fixes this trick glitch then this method will not work in the future. However, I will update the trick once it stopped working and will post a new working trick.
It’s very much easy to change the server in PUBG mobile without even waiting for 60 days restriction period. There are lots of tricks that can help you to change your game server. But do note that these tricks always get patched by developers in the next update.
So I would only recommend you to always choose only the best server according to your location. But in case if you selected the wrong one, don’t worry you can easily change your game server by just following the above steps mentioned in the article.
If you have any difficulty while changing your game server then comment below. We will try to help you out furthermore. Loved our article? Do check out our other interesting and amazing PUBG mobile guides articles.

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