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download PUBG VN 2.2 APK + OBB 32bit + 64bit For  Android

PUBG Mobile VN 2.2.0 APK OBB Vietnam Direct Download For Android

PUBG Mobile VN 2.2.0 APK OBB Vietnam Direct Download For Android

Are you searching for an Updated Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.2 version

If I’m right then read this complete article,

In this post, you will find Pubg VN 2.2 Latest APK & OBB File so that you can pubg mobile VIETNAM 2.2 version easily.

PUBG Mobile VN version 2.2 is currently available for all players to download. Tencent has now launched the global version, which should be available in the next days to everyone. This edition includes a brand new Vibrant 4th Anniversary mode. In addition, players may now explore the PUBG Mobile environment by riding a mountain bike. The majority of this new content was made available during the PUBG Mobile 2.2 Beta testing period, which we previously covered.

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The latest PUBG Mobile Version 2.2 APK, as well as the OBB data files, are available for download in this post. This update is also available through the Google Play Store, however if you don’t have access to the Google Play Store, the APK will serve. But first, we’ll go through all of the new features in this version in the part after this.

Pubg Mobile VN 2.2 New Features

  • New Map – Nusa

A 1×1 km map for fast-paced matches!
Availability: 9/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0)
Playable in Ranked and Unranked Mode
Nusa is a new 1×1 km tourist island map set in the tropics. With abundant supplies, players can start fighting right after you land and get that chicken dinner with ease! Nusa is teeming with beautiful sights and interesting gameplay for you to experience. This will soon be your favourites hotspot to show off to your friends. It’s worth checking out and exploring!

Launch of New Mechanics, Weapons, and Vehicles!

  • New Mechanic: Special Recall

If you are defeated within the first 4 minutes of the match but still have surviving teammates, you will be able to respawn once and quickly jump back into the battleground with a random weapon. (Super Recall activates automatically when playing solo, without the need of teammates)

  • New Mechanic: Zipline

Many ziplines have been built at specific locations on Nusa. Just approach a zipline to use it and move around quickly.

Note that ziplines are very fragile and are easily damaged! So use them at your own discretion. The new Tactical Crossbow can be used to repair ziplines. So be sure to carry one for peace of mind.

  • New Mechanic: Elevator

An elevator has been installed in every hotel of Telepak Town. Use it to move between floors. Not only can it help you save energy, it can also be used to flank enemies tactically with your teammates.

  • New Weapon: Tactical Crossbow

Tactical Crossbow can shoot a rope to repair ziplines, or use flaming bolts to set certain buildings on fire.

  • New Weapon: NS2000 Shotgun

A weapon that shoots accurately at medium and short-range. It shoots 12 gauge shells when firing from the hip and 12 gauge slugs while aiming down sights.

  • New Vehicle: Quad

A light and nimble 2-seater vehicle that can be used to move quickly through undulating terrain while retaining excellent stability and does not flip over easily.

Update Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.2 Version From Using APK File & Obb File

  1. Uninstall Pubg Mobile VIETNAM and delete all files related to Pubg VIETNAM .
  2. Download Latest Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.2 Apk & OBB from the below link.
  3. Go to the Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources. (If you have already enabled it, you can skip this step.).
  4. Now Install APK Of Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.2 Version & Open It For A Moment.
  5. After That Find Out your OBB file and move this file to Android > obb > com.vng.pubgmobile.

Now open your game and connected with your social media account & Enjoy!!

Download PUBG MOBILE VIETNAM Version 2.2 32Bit Update For Android

Download PUBG MOBILE VIETNAM Version 2.2 64Bit Update For Android

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