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download PUBG VN 2.1 APK + OBB 32bit + 64bit

PUBG Mobile VN 2.1.0 APK OBB Vietnam Direct Download For Android

PUBG Mobile VN 2.1.0 APK OBB Vietnam Direct Download For Android

Are you searching for an Updated Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.1 version

If I’m right then read this complete article,

In this post, you will find Pubg VN 2.1 Latest APK & OBB File so that you can pubg mobile VIETNAM 2.1 version easily.

PUBG Mobile VN version 2.1 is currently available for all players to download. Tencent has now launched the global version, which should be available in the next days to everyone. This edition includes a brand new Vibrant 4th Anniversary mode. In addition, players may now explore the PUBG Mobile environment by riding a mountain bike. The majority of this new content was made available during the PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta testing period, which we previously covered.

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The latest PUBG Mobile Version 2.1 APK, as well as the OBB data files, are available for download in this post. This update is also available through the Google Play Store, however if you don’t have access to the Google Play Store, the APK will serve. But first, we’ll go through all of the new features in this version in the part after this.

Pubg Mobile VN 2.1 New Features

Here’s the list of the features that are most likely to get added in the new PUBG Mobile 2.1 update:

Crossbow 2.0
The upcoming PUBG Mobile update will include a new gun, which is an upgraded and improved version of the existing crossbow. The biggest difference between the old and new crossbows is the firing animation, and the new crossbow appears far more realistic than the previous one.

Both will do the same amount of damage, but this crossbow will have a longer range and the fire will go farther than the old one without collapsing.

New Gun M417
The all-new gun, M417 will be included in the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.1 update. This gun, unlike the M416, will have a slow fire rate and will be largely used on a single tap. There is a probability that this will have more damage than the M416. However, as seen previously on Beryl M762 as well as the AKM, if a gun has more damage, it is very certain that it will have more recoil.

New AMR Gun
As per the sources, this upcoming AMR gun will be the deadliest sniper in the history of PUBG Mobile. It will be an upgraded version of the powerful AWM sniper and will take out an enemy, even on a body shot.

It will use the same sniper concept, and with AMR+8x scope, you will be able to knock out anyone rendering no matter how far away the enemy is. There will only be 10 bullets, 5 of which will be loaded into the gun and the other 5 will be in your backpack. Gamers are disappointed with this decision of PUBG Mobile by not including at least 25 bullets.

M79 Smoke Launcher
A new Smoke Launcher is expected in the PUBG Mobile 2.1. It will act as a pistol and hence a pistol slot will be used for it. You can load up to 4 smokes in one go, in the magazine and fire one after another. The range of the smoke will be a little more and more speedy too.

Biggest of All: The New Erangle 3.0 Map in PUBG Mobile 2.1
Erangel 3.0 is expected to be included in the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.1 update. There are rumours that it will have three to four islands, unlike the Old Erangel which had only two. This image is not official, although it is claimed that it represents the next version of Erangel.

Holiday Map
In the upcoming PUBG Mobile update, a Holiday Map will finally be added. Although it was not included in the previous version, however, the leaks are available online for a while now. So, there is a strong probability that it will be included in the upcoming release of PUBG Mobile 2.1.

Update Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.1 Version From Using APK File & Obb File

  1. Uninstall Pubg Mobile VIETNAM and delete all files related to Pubg VIETNAM .
  2. Download Latest Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.1 Apk & OBB from the below link.
  3. Go to the Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources. (If you have already enabled it, you can skip this step.).
  4. Now Install APK Of Pubg Mobile VIETNAM 2.1 Version & Open It For A Moment.
  5. After That Find Out your OBB file and move this file to Android > obb > com.vng.pubgmobile.

Now open your game and connected with your social media account & Enjoy!!

Download PUBG MOBILE VIETNAM Version 2.1 32Bit Update For Android

Download PUBG MOBILE VIETNAM Version 2.1 64Bit Update For Android

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