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PUBG MOBILE 2.4 No Recoil Config File Download

Download PUBG Mobile no recoil file

Mobile 2.4 No Recoil : If you were looking for PUBG Mobile 2.4 No Recoil Config file , you can download it right here. We’ve updated the file for 2023 global version. The file allows you to increase the overall accuracy of every weapon in the game including the M416, AKM, SKS, AWM. Sometimes equipping your favorite gun might not provide you with the accuracy you wanted. This can be due to lag, developer nerfs, or you just having a bad day.

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Thankfully, with the help of the PUBG Mobile No Recoil file, you can get rid of these issues and enjoy a consistent experience with your guns where every shot just hits differently. Setting the mod up does not take a lot of time and we have the detailed steps for you right here. This PUBGM no recoil mode is also compatible with the Indian game version called Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

PUBG Mobile 2.4: best features

1. Martial Showdown theme (exclusively available in Erangel and Livik)

Several martial art arenas will appear in the themed mode matches. Back for Honor is another 1v1 duel between a recalled player and his original killer. The winner of the duel will be handsomely rewarded.

A new two-seater bike, and Dancing Lion is making its way to the game. A new weapon called the Explosive Bow has also been added to the game.

A new item, called the Grappling Hook, can be shot at a target to pull yourself towards it. Meanwhile, Blessing Lantern and Blessing Kite can be found in different urban cities and above martial art arenas. Players can destroy these crates to get their hands on the supplies contained within.

2. Metro Royale Updates

Misty Port has been introduced and will be available in only basic and advance mode. A new fabled equipment with minimal special traits is also coming to the game. Fabled equipment can be obtained after defeating bosses in matches or opening crates. Draw Packs have been added to the Metro Royale’s Black Market.

They can be purchased with metro cash. A new gallery feature will showcase all specific traits. Four sellable items (Biological Sample, Gold Piles, Processor (GPU Lens), will spawn on the new map. Meanwhile, the resistance of advanced vests has been enhanced to withstand more explosive damage. A new weapon called honey badger has been added to the game.

3. Royale Pass Updates

The 2.4 update will have a fresh Royale Pass (Month 19) and a new season (Cycle 4 Season 10). As per leaks available online, the new Royale Pass will follow the ‘Boiling Blood’ theme and bring in plenty of cosmetics and items as rank rewards. Meanwhile, the new season will mark the start of a fresh cycle and offer tier rewards.

However, the C4S10 and the Month 19 Royale Pass will be released on January 17, 2023 (a day after the conclusion of the ongoing Month 18 RP).

4) Bruce Lee collaboration

The Bruce Lee Family Company and PUBG Mobile have collaborated to bring the iconic mixed martial artist and actor to the game. Players will be able to express themselves with distinctive Bruce Lee cosmetics. They can even obtain a character based on him in the game. From January 10 to January 26, PUBG Mobile players can participate in the Dream Realm Apprentice event. They can unlock special rewards after completing a series of difficult tasks.


  No recoil File Download Pubg Mobile  GLOBAL Full Antiban  64 bit both bit versions supported. This File help you kill pubg Enemy Easily and Also help Aim. You can download this pubg mobile no recoil file and our pass pubg no recoil file download is the latest version you can check and you can download pubg mobile 2.4 APK very easily.


 PUBG MOBILE no recoil file download new version You can use pubg mobile no recoil file very easily, and this pubg mobile 2.4 no recoil file is 100% anti-ban version you can easily download this no recoil file 2.4 version from mobile I can use it and it gives you a lot of anti-recoil sensitivity.
You can download this pubg mobile no recoil file and our pass pubg no recoil file download is the latest version you can check and you can download pubg mobile 2.4 APK very easily. And our pass pubg no recoil file download is available and with it we are giving you now a very good quality of pubg no recoil sensitivity you will find very good in sensitive it pubg and you can use sensitive pubg no recoil file 2023 easily You can also set the pub without recoil setting without gyroscope

Is It Safe To Use No Recoil File in PUBG?

It doesn’t matter which hack file you use to play PUBG, you will be detected by Krafton sooner or later. I strongly suggest that you use the PUBG 2.4 white body no recoil file on a new account if you plan to use it.

I advise you not to use PUBG mobile zero recoil config file download if your PUBG account has a lot of UC and in-game items because your account will be banned if you are caught by Krafton.

You can PUBG mobile 2.4 no recoil file download for your smartphone by following all the information that we carried out above the article. Download it and enjoy the advantages it has to offer. If you’re searching for similar applications, you can visit the official website.

Firstly download no recoil obb file from our website then goto download section and copy my obb file then go to Android/obb/com.tencent.ig replace orignal obb file then open pubg and enjoy.
Download No recoil File PUBG MOBILE 2.4

Download Mod Obb No Recoil  PUBG Global 2.4 32Bit/64Bit

Download Mod Obb No Recoil PUBG Korean 2.4 32Bit/64Bit


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