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MT Manager for Android These days we all have been doing most of the things on our mobile phones only because it is one of the most convenient and easy ways. We tend to do our office work and even some of our college projects on phones only. This is when there is a need for a good file manager that can manage all our files, documents and other important things in one place. Today we are introducing you to one such app that is MT Manager and it has been developed especially for all the android devices out there.

MT Manager is not only a mere file manager as it does a lot of other things as well. With this amazing app, you guys can easily manage your files, modify different software and do a lot of other things which are going to be extremely useful for you while working. Your complete device will be organised with the help of this app. It is going to be your biggest saviour if you are the one who does most of their work on their android devices only. Plus it is available free of cost which simply means that you don’t have to pay anything to use this amazing app and it is going to make everything way easier for you.

Download MT Manager MOD APK

MT Manager Mod APK VIP is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such as managing files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on
MT Manager VIP Features:
Portrait mode (landscape only in places)
FTP client
Viewing the java code of the VIP
Support for keystore and jks VIP signatures
Search History
Search in XML files
Search by ID in arsc
Support for several dictionaries in the translator (UTF-8 without BOM) VIP
Removing and adding localizations
Fast transfer of unique strings to the desired localization
Batch operations (delete, copy, move, rename)
APK Signature (disabled by default)
Cloning of APKs
Optimizing APK by MT Manager VIP
APK Encryption
Creating a backup (.bak)
Convenient color change in arsc
Current Activation List
Remote access via WiFi
Decompilation / Compiling XML VIP (for a free 200-line limit)
Editor ARSC
DEX Editor
Fix VIP files DEX
Text editor with syntax highlighting
Comparison of text files up to 500 kb
View fonts (.ttf)
Executing scripts
Working with RAR (opening / unpacking)
Work with ZIP (compression / unpacking)
View / edit / delete / add classes, methods, domains, permanent
Baidu Translator
Translator Yandex and Google VIP

MT Manager APK- Main Features

Here are some of its amazing features

Manage Files– MT Manager has been developed in such a way that you guys can easily manage all of your files at one place only. It is going to help you to organise each and everything on your device without any mess or confusion.
Modify Software– With the help of this app, you will gain the ability to easily modify the software the way you want it to be. When you modify any software, it opens room for a lot of customization and you can simply do things your own way:
Translate Applications– This is another amazing feature that this app has to offer you which is going to be really very useful for you all! Here with this app, you guys can easily translate any application that you want, at an ease. Now what can get better than this?
Edit Text– It also gives you the freedom to edit your text the way you want. It is going to make a lot of things easy for you. Plus the best part is that you don’t even need to download any third app to do all these things. It’s just super easy and quick with MT Manager.
Music Player– The app comes with an in-built music player which is really very convenient. Now while managing your files, you can also listen to any audio or music that you want from within the app.
Easy to Use– MT Manager has been developed using this special user friendly interface which has made things really very easy for you. Anyone even with the slightest knowledge of such apps can easily use it without facing any kind of difficulty. It is super easy and quick!

The list of things that this app can do is endless here. It is just the best app of this kind that you can get. The best thing here is that it is available at free of cost which means you don’t even need to pay anything to use any of its features. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and enjoy!

Download MT Manager Mod Apk

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