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Free Fire : 5 best apps to get free diamonds 2022

how to get free diamonds in free fire

It is no secret that many players regularly spend tons of money to get their hands on diamonds in Free Fire. This currency is needed at every stage of the battle royale title, from purchasing cosmetics to several other game-changing items.

However, not every user has the financial means to spend money on virtual currency, and the desire for in-game items sometimes motivates the search for a free alternative to earn diamonds. Fortunately, players do have many legit mobile apps on their hands.

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Individuals should avoid using unauthorized applications like mods, scripts, and generators because they do not work and would result in severe repercussions, including permanent bans.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. Instead, they can play the MAX version, which is still not banned in the country.

Best apps to get free diamonds in Free Fire

So if you want to get Free Fire diamonds for free then you need to know that you can do so via other applications which you can find over the internet. Here are some of the apps which you can use for the same- Booyah, Google Opinion Rewards, and more. Check the details about these apps below:

If you want to use the Booyah app to get Free Fire diamonds then you will have to link your in-game accounts to the Booyah App. As the app also comes from Garena, there is no need to worry regarding the authentication and safety of the application. It can be known that Booyah is a universal app for short gaming clips, livestream, highlights, and more. The app has 50 million plus downloads on Google Play Store.

  • 2. Google Opinion Rewards

You can install Google Opinion Rewards application to get free diamonds. The app has been created by the Google surveys team. As per the information available on Google Play Store, if you use the app you will have to answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit. Once you collect sufficient credits by answering the surveys, you can get diamonds for Free Fire MAX.

  • 3. Free Fire Advance Server

As Garena keeps on bringing updates to the game and in order to ensure all new features work correctly, a testing server- Free Fire Advance Server remains temporarily active. In order to get free diamonds, players need to play the game, check the features, report bugs and glitches if present. However, what needs to be noted is that the chances of accessing the server is extremely low due to the rarely obtainable Activation Key. The activation key or code is distributed by officials to selected candidates and is a must to access the server.

  • 4. SB Answer- Surveys that Pay

Similar to Google Opinion rewards, here also you need to answer surveys to earn credits. You can earn free gift cards by taking surveys with the SB Answer app. According to the information available on Google Play Store, SB Answer enables you to earn points called ‘SB’ for answering surveys and for giving your feedback on local shopping visits.

FAQs – Free Fire Diamond App

How To Get Free Fire Diamond App?

It is effortless to get a free fire free diamond app. First, download any one app from the given list above, and after that, you can use it for obtaining a free fire free diamond.

  • Which is the best Free Fire Free Diamond And Elite Pass App?

Rewards Redemption App is the best app to get a Free Fire Free Diamond And Elite Pass without Paytm.

  • Which is the best free fire diamond send app?

If you want to send the diamond to someone else, the redeem code app is the best app for you.

  • Best Free Fire Free Diamond Claim App?

Daily Spin Diamond App is the best Diamond Claim App for free fire battleground players.

  • Free Fire Free Diamond App 100% working?

TaskBucks is a 100% working Free Fire Free Diamond App. It is also compatible with the latest Illuminate update of the game.

  • Should I use the free fire diamond app com?

We do not recommend anyone to use the Free fire diamond because this app site now does not work with the latest version of the Garena free fire game.

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