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4 Tips to Win Every Jujutsu Kaisen game mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

BGMI and PUBG Mobile: 4 Tips to Win in Jujutsu Kaisen Game Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) users were introduced to the Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration last month. The limited time event is on from 15th February to 14th March (27 days). This event features themed content that users can participate in and cosmetics that they can receive.

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The limited time events which are part of the Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration like ‘Sealed Sukuna Fingers’ and ‘Cursed Corpse Battle’ can be a hassle to complete for some players, especially those that are new to the mobile battle royale.

Here are some tips and tricks that players can utilize to approach the Jujutsu Kaisen game mode with a better strategy, giving them a better chance to win the game, while also enriching their Battle Royale experience across both BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Since its release in July 2021, BGMI has followed in the footsteps of its global counterpart, PUBG Mobile, and has emerged as one of the country’s leading BR games for mobile devices. To increase the popularity of both versions, the developers often introduce theme modes that celebrate the game’s collaboration with famous brands.

The ongoing collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen has already seen a lot of players treading on the battlegrounds of the themed maps.

However, with new players joining the game daily, it becomes necessary for them to approach the matches using strategies that will help them earn a “Chicken Dinner.” This mode will also help them enrich their BR experience considerably.

4 tips to win Jujutsu Kaisen game mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

1) Use the newly added Cursed Object Crates

When playing the newly added Jujutsu Kaisen game mode across both BGMI and PUBG Mobile, a new feature called ‘Cursed Object Crates’ has been added which provides players with really good loot along with the ‘Sealed Sukuna Fingers’.

These crates are located in specific locations across themed mode maps of Erangel and Livik. Since players are able to kill two birds with one stone by finding such crates, they have exponentially grown in popularity.

Players that are finding it tough can simply aim for these crates and try to secure them as fast as possible, giving them a massive advantage early on and a better chance of progressing further to earn that WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner).

2) Use the Recall feature

An interesting feature which is a part of the Jujutsu Kaisen themed events is called Recall. Both BGMI and PUBG Mobile players can utilize this feature to bring their teammates back into the match after they are fragged by the enemy team.

The recall feature was part of the Spider-Man: No Way Home collaboration as well and has been incorporated once again following its strategic use and popularity. It gives players greater freedom to play a bit more aggressively, giving way to more fast paced and exciting gameplay.

3) Use the Cursed Corpse Grenades properly

The newly added Cursed Corpse Grenade when thrown by a PUBG Mobile or BGMI player results in the summoning of a giant creature called ‘Cursed Corpse’.

When the utility grenade is thrown a giant creature pops out and starts hitting the players. However, with the creature being a melee unit the squad battling it has a significant advantage, as long as they have good teamwork and are in sync with each other.

When this monster is defeated the squad or players are rewarded with additional supplies. Do keep in mind that before summoning the creature, you should ensure the area is scouted and secured, so that another squad does not interfere at the last possible second and take advantage of the situation.

4) Use teamwork over individual plays to win

The golden thumb rule when playing a battle royale like BGMI and PUBG Mobile, irrespective of it being a Jujutsu Kaisen game mode, is that teamwork is the most important element which enables a squad to attain success.

Good team chemistry between players, clarity about their roles in the game, and clear communication within the team can instantly uplift your overall gameplay by tenfold.

Discuss and decide upon a strategy, then work towards sticking to it during the match. In case things start to go wrong then come up with a new plan as a unit, pivot quickly, and then start working towards accomplishing the new objective.

Just going through the four tips provided above will definitely help players increase their chances of winning many more Jujutsu Kaisen game mode battle royale matches in both BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

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